“Dorria helped me to gain confidence playing to my strengths while openly and proactively building on opportunities”

Bridgette Heller
President, Global Specialized Nutrition Business Unit

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Dorria Ball is the consummate professional and an amazing sounding board. Since our service together on the board of a college scholarship not for profit organization, she has proven her business acumen, expertise as a Human Resources Executive and her empathic spirit towards helping others reach their professional and personal potential.

Reginald Van Lee – Retired Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton


Dorria Ball and The Global Ballance Group is for any person or group that wants impact. Her managerial excellence and business acumen provide her with the ability to get to the heart of business matters while her personal empathy and warm style combine for outstanding results. Dorria has another gift as a “Millennial Whisperer” as I have witnessed her transform them. With Dorria, every interaction is enriching, insightful and guaranteed to lead to action.

Dr. Janet Taylor – Psychiatrist, Self-Care Strategist


Dorria has the ability to cut through distractions, listen respectfully, hold people accountable and to act as an accountability partner. I would recommend Dorria to people who need access to a believable voice, a force for positivity, action and growth and an example of what living one’s dream embodies.

Joi Gordon – CEO, Dress for Success Worldwide


Dorria Ball is a courageous, authentic and thoughtful leader who always aspires to do what is right and puts people first. I had the privilege of being coached by her through one of the most important transitions of my career and she was by my side every step of the way asking me the questions and supporting me through situations that required deep reflection and immediate and decisive actions. Her personality draws you in, quickly building trust and creating an inclusive environment.

Valerie Oswalt – President, NA Confections, Mondelēz International


For any 21st Century executive, who must consistently demonstrate ethical and courageous leadership, Dorria Ball & Global Ballance Group, bring innovative approaches to “executive coaching”, that translates personal & professional insights into immediate business results.

Ronald C. Parker – Former President/CEO, The Executive Leadership Council


Dorria is an exceptional HR Partner and Personal Coach…Dorria helped me to gain confidence playing to my strengths while openly and proactively building on opportunities. She worked alongside my HR Leader to help build an innovative organization structure and change management plan based around our new strategy. She was instrumental in our ramp up and our trust building.

Bridgette Heller – President, Global Specialized Nutrition Business Unit. Danone

Expert Executive Coaching & Organizational Development

Global Ballance Group (GBG) assists organizations and individuals with improving their global leadership, organizational excellence and cultural awareness. 

Utilizing an extensive network and a passion for inclusion, GBG works with all stakeholders to ensure critical tables of influence are reflective of the customers, communities, consumers and clients they serve.

Executive Coaching

For individuals aspiring to the C- suite level in Corporations or senior level roles in Not-for-Profit organizations and beyond

Organizational Development

Helping teams and organizations successfully improve performance and manage change.

Diversity and Inclusion

Showing organizations how they can celebrate cultural differences in staff and customers, eliminate bias, and turn diversity into a competitive advantage.

Arts & Culture

We are also cultural shapers in the arts as producers in motion pictures, Broadway theater and beyond.

“Dorria Ball is a courageous, authentic and thoughtful leader who always aspires to do what is right and puts people first.”


Our Thought Leadership

Escape the Disease to Please Trap!

Escape the Disease to Please Trap!

In my Coaching practice I have seen first-hand how the “Disease to Please” undermines the effectiveness and impact of women leaders. They sometimes talk themselves out of asserting themselves in situations where their differing viewpoint is needed, instead they choose to hold back in order to keep the peace. Adding race, age, orientation to the mix can create even greater complexities for those who have a ‘“Pleaser mindset”.

5 Ways Millennials Will Transform the Workplace

5 Ways Millennials Will Transform the Workplace

The 5 proposed ways in which Millennials will transform the workplace in 2018 are aspirations that transcend beyond their cohort. It will be interesting to see which other cohorts will step up to co-lead this transformation with Millennials’. If done collaboratively there can be win-wins all around for all.