“Dorria helped me to gain confidence playing to my strengths while openly and proactively building on opportunities”

Bridgette Heller
President, Global Specialized Nutrition Business Unit

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    Coaching – HR Consulting – Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

    Expert Executive Coaching & Organizational Development

    Global Ballance Group (GBG) assists organizations and individuals with improving their global leadership, organizational excellence and cultural awareness.


    Utilizing an extensive network and a passion for inclusion, GBG works with all stakeholders to ensure critical tables of influence are reflective of the customers, communities, consumers and clients they serve.

    Executive Coaching

    For individuals aspiring to the C- suite level in Corporations or senior level roles in Not-for-Profit organizations and beyond

    Organizational Development

    Helping teams and organizations successfully improve performance and manage change.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Showing organizations how they can celebrate cultural differences in staff and customers, eliminate bias, and turn diversity into a competitive advantage.

    Arts & Culture

    We are also cultural shapers in the arts as producers in motion pictures, Broadway theater and beyond.

    “Dorria Ball is a courageous, authentic and thoughtful leader who always aspires to do what is right and puts people first.”

    Valerie Oswalt – President, NA Confections
    Mondelēz International

    Our Thought Leadership

    • In my Coaching practice I have seen first-hand how the “Disease to Please” undermines the effectiveness and impact of women leaders. They sometimes talk themselves out of asserting themselves in situations where their differing viewpoint is needed, instead they choose to hold back in order to keep the peace. Adding race, age, orientation to the mix can create even greater complexities for those who have a ‘“Pleaser mindset”....

    • This important work by Catalyst (see attached complete study) gives voice to and validates insights about the unique experience of people of color as they strive to advance and contribute to their organizations. ...

    • For many leaders they have spent their careers helping others navigate change from the front meaning they were in many cases initiating  and leading the changes and at hand....

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