Coaching Leaders Through Transition and Change Management

For many leaders, they have spent their careers helping others navigate change from the front, meaning they were in many cases initiating and leading the changes at hand.

When they are the recipient of the change, they find themselves ill-prepared to manage through the critical stages of survival.

The 5 key points are helpful insights that can lead to a successful transition.

This list should be 6 key points versus 5.

The first point should be …”don’t take this journey alone” . Either hire a coach or identified those in your network who’ve gone before you to help you see around corners and anticipate challenges as they arrive.

By: Jane Golden, published on Exoteric

From the article:

Change could mean loss of status, loss of income, loss of security, while at the same time introducing uncomfortable concepts, new skill requirements into the mix. It is the management of these changes that leads to successful “transitions” which manage successful passage from one state to another, or change management.

Another way to look at it – you have just come upon a long, dark tunnel. It is scary, there are many unknowns inside, and you don’t have any light to lead your way. You are very reluctant to enter the tunnel, but at the end of the tunnel, you can see a well-lit doorway. You have to go through the tunnel to reach the door, and once you reach that door, you have to go through it. The door represents your passage through the long tunnel of change.

The effective Change Manager is fully cognizant of all the negatives that can be associated with changes leading to transition. He / She is an expert in implementing effective processes through which people come to terms with the change and adjust to its ramifications, passing through the door to the unknowns on the other side.

There are several key points necessary for the transition to be successful:

• Letting go of things as they were

• Facing the new reality – what IS it?

• Where are we now – how do we make difficult realities less painful

• Reframing new opportunities and possibilities

• Defining the goals, success measures and actions to be taken


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